Family Dog Portrait Photography Sessions

It's here! A mini photography session focused on your adorable little poop heads! That's dog-lover talk for dogs and puppies (if you didn't know already). We have two exclusive days scheduled for a full day of puppy love. 

Saturday - March 10, 2018 - Fort Worth
Location: Trinity Park (University Dr. at I-30)
Available Slots: 12

Sunday - March 18, 2018 - North Dallas
Location: Carrollton - Clifford E "Bill" Hall Park
Available Slots: 10

Book Your Puppy Party Shoot Online Here!

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What's the Cost?

      •  $75 per session

      •  +plus+ donation of goods (Donations can be canned food, dry food, toys, or treats. If you have any extra newspaper lying around, bring it to be donated as well!)

What's Included? 

      •  25 Min Photo Session 

      •  5x7 Professional Print

      •  5 - 7 Digital Images

What's Required to Book?

      •  Official Booking Reservation via Brownbookit Online

      •  $25 Deposit (due after you reserve your spot online)

      •  The remaining $50 and donation will be taken the day of

Proposed Rain Out Dates:

April 8, 14, 15

What to Expect During Your Session:

The results of your sessions will be directly related to how well your dog responds to attention-getting cues and ability to sit/lay on command. To help with this, I will be supplying various treats and toys to arouse attention and may be accompanied by an assistant in order to help with these tasks. 

You have the ability to request just portraits of your pup or an entire family with your pup shoot - OR a little bit of both! 

How to Prepare:

I recommend playing with or walking your dog(s) before you depart for your shoot. Why? It helps with their initial excitement and craziness! Let me know if there are any words or phrases your dog responds to, and feel free to bring your dogs favorite toy! This will help with getting the cutest photos possible.

Please bring your dogs on a leash. Once we are comfortable and set up in the spot you will be getting photos at, you may take off the leash of your dog. If you don't feel like you can control your dog off a leash, we can work around it in the shoot/photos.

Please be mindful that there may be other dogs and people in the area before/during/after your scheduled shoot time. If you need to wait in your vehicle until your start time, please do to avoid any over excitement.    

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Important Reminder:  Please plan to arrive early/on time. On time is planning to arrive prior to your scheduled start time. If you're shoot is from 2:00 - 2:25pm, you need to be ready to go on location by 1:55pm. Mini sessions don't allow for much leeway. Please plan ahead and check on traffic patterns in your area. There is an official break of 5 minutes between each session.

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